Another Refugee from Xinjiang Allowed to Remain in Kazakhstan

Original Post by Bitter Winter:

With the help of volunteers defending human rights, another ethnic Kazakh who escaped Xinjiang was allowed to legally remain in Kazakhstan, at least temporarily, on December 25. The situation of these volunteers is somewhat confused and controversial. The organization that for years helped refugees from China, Atajurt, split in two.

One branch was granted registration from the Kazakh government on September 24, 2019. However, some activists, with the blessing of Atajurt’s original founder Serikzhan Bilash, who has agreed not to speak in public on the refugee issues as part of a plea bargain that freed him from jailrefused to join the registered organization, claiming it is too close to the government. They continue their volunteer activity as an unregistered and unofficial branch of the old Atajurt.

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