One-way ticket: Forced repatriation for Denmark’s Syrian refugees?

Original Post by France24:

In Denmark, several Syrian families are living in fear of being deported to Syria, where the civil war continues. The Danish government considers Damascus and its region “safe” places and says the refugees must return there. Daham Alasaad followed one such family for this report.

When we met the Salameh family in their flat in Slagelse, 80 kilometres north of the Danish capital Copenhagen, we asked them how they felt. The answer was a flood of tears.

“I’m thinking of committing suicide,” said the 48-year-old Syrian father Zaher, while looking at his wife Lina, 45, and three daughters Raneem, 18, Haia, 12, and Celine, 6. He continued in a sad voice: “I escaped from Syria because of war and now I’m in psychological war in Denmark.”

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