Syrian refugees in Lebanon suffer amid economic uncertainty

Original Post by Aljazeera on 23 Feb 2020

Beirut and Beqaa Valley, Lebanon – For Mahmoud, a Syrian refugee working in Beirut, the sharp economic and financial downturn gripping Lebanon has brought old anxieties from his homeland bubbling to the surface.

“About the economy, if it is going to [collapse] or something like this, we will have a problem,” said Mahmoud, who asked Al Jazeera to refrain from using his real name due to security concerns.

“I’m not ready to have the same thing I had in Syria,” he said.

More than four months into Lebanon’s increasingly volatile protests and more than half a year into a worsening economic collapse, Syrian refugees in Lebanon have been hit especially hard by the crisis.

The Lebanese pound’s devaluation on the parallel market, the lack of US dollars in the country, and associated price hikes across Lebanon are problems many Syrians said they recognise from the beginning of their country’s own crisis-turned-conflict.

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